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Amalul Qalb - A Heart Of Hope

Podcast · The Voice of the Cape
Tune in to Amalul Qalb - A Heart Of Hope, with Muallima Nashreen Jacobs on Sundays between 4pm and 6pm! A special show to motivate, uplift and inspire... inspire one heart to uplift another heart!
0 episodes English Islam · Islam

Aqaa'id - Ml Zahid Khan

Podcast · Markaz Sahaba Online Radio
Basic Beliefs of a Muslim
16 Aug 2021 5 episodes English Islam · Islam

Arabic Lesson

Podcast · Markaz Sahaba Online Radio
Tune to MSOR Arabic lesson every Friday from 14:00 to 14:30 Host By Ml Khalid Yacob
12 Feb 2020 15 episodes Arabic Explicit Islam · Religion & Spirituality

Consciously Connected

Podcast · Markaz Sahaba Online Radio
Consciously Connected With Ml Khalid Yacoob -There's only one way to celebrate the weekend wakeup and serves up the perfect accompaniment via the radio
14 Apr 283 episodes English Spirituality · Islam

Daily Naseeha

Podcast · Markaz Sahaba Online Radio
Daily Naseeha Advices from prominent scholars around South Africa
19 Dec 2022 8AM 165 episodes English Explicit Islam · Religion & Spirituality

Daily Naseeha by Mufti AK Hoosen

Podcast · Markaz Sahaba Online Radio
Daily Naseeha by Mufti AK Hoosen
22 Feb 2022 9AM 20 episodes English Religion & Spirituality · Islam

Discovery Health Medical Scheme’s Shariah Compliant arrangement

Series · Discovery South Africa
Discovery Health Medical Scheme has launched South Africa’s first Shariah Compliant medical scheme arrangement. This four-part podcast series is dedicated to explaining this innovative offering in full. Host, Shafiq Morton, interviews expert guests who share leading insights into the way in which Shariah law and Takaful have been incorporated into…
5 Aug 2022 4 episodes English Read by Uwaiz Jassat, Firoze Bhorat, Farzana Baba, Mufti Ahmed Suliman, Dr Ismail Mitha Education · Islam

Enlightments with Abu Ammaar

Podcast · Enlightments with Abu Ammaar
Podcasts that will cover inspirational, motivational discussions, story telling and every thing good to lift your spirits and positivity, sprinkled with tit bits of spirituality that will sure drive the message home and to heart ........ Be The Difference and Make a Difference May You Shine Light In The Hearts…
21 Mar 3 episodes English Islam · Islam

Exploring the Quraan

Podcast · Markaz Sahaba Online Radio
A deeper look in the study of various surahs of the Noble Quraan with Mufti Muhammed Akoo
28 Apr 2022 11AM 41 episodes English Islam · Islam

Fiqh for Beginners

Podcast · Markaz Sahaba Online Radio
Ml Abrarulhaq Essak reminds us about the basic laws of Islam to help us in our daily lives. Fiqh for beginners is a refresher on our maktab or what we learned in madressa, and is helpful to those who never got the opportunity to go to madressa to learn the…
29 May 2019 34 episodes English Islam


Podcast · Markaz Sahaba Online Radio
16 Aug 2020 8AM 29 episodes English Religion & Spirituality · Islam


Podcast · The Voice of the Cape
19 Aug 2020 444 episodes English Religion & Spirituality · Islam

Hadith on MSOR - Mon to Sun from 13:30 to 14:00

Podcast · Markaz Sahaba Online Radio
A collection of traditions containing sayings of the prophet Muhammad which, with accounts of his daily practice (the Sunna)
12 Jul 2020 7AM 6 episodes English Explicit Education · Islam

Hadith with Ml Zaahid Khan

Podcast · Markaz Sahaba Online Radio
Hadith with Ml. Zaahid Khan
16 Apr 3AM 410 episodes English Islam · Religion & Spirituality

Hajj Podcasts

Podcast · Mufti AK Hoosen
Live From The Holy Cities
29 Jul 2020 19 episodes English Islam · Religion & Spirituality

Journey to Greatness

Podcast · The Voice of the Cape
There is unparalleled power and potential in us all through mind body and soul alignment. We can unlock this power through discussing the quantum dimention. This is a course that contains 30 years of reaching the discoveries and wisdoms of scientists, leaders and pioneers of the past. Throughout our journey…
6 Jan 2020 12 episodes English Islam

Jummah Khutbah

Podcast · Markaz Sahaba Online Radio
Markaz Sahaba Online Radio - Takes Different Jummah Khutbah every fridays
12 Apr 270 episodes English Explicit Islam · Religion & Spirituality
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