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Series · larry kwirirayi
An exploration of Zimbabwean story-telling with original scripted drama
11 Sep 2020 15 episodes English Fiction · Drama


Podcast · Raizor's Edge
It is a widely held myth that when one achieves entrepreneurial success, it becomes easier to be an entrepreneur. This is not true. It is always challenging to be an entrepreneur. As one grows more successful, it is just the nature of the challenge that changes. This podcast series and…
27 Dec 2020 52 episodes English Explicit Business · Self-Improvement


Podcast · Intelligent Africa™
Each week Gareth Armstrong finds answers to your most burning and important questions as he speaks to the best and brightest in their fields - specialists and experts who have put their 10 000+ hours in and can help us get things right the first time.
26 Mar 2019 9 episodes English Business · Society & Culture

#AvoidingHiringMistakes - For Small Businesses

Podcast · Raizor's Edge
Entrepreneurs know that the cost – both monetary and risk – of hiring the wrong person is much higher in a small business than in a big one. But how can you avoid making expensive hiring mistakes? In this #AvoidHiringMistakes podcast series, Raizcorp CEO Allon Raiz shares the lessons he…
19 May 2021 7 episodes English Explicit Business · Management


Podcast · Raizor's Edge
According to academic research, there is no single psychological typology or set of characteristics that guarantee an entrepreneur’s success - however, as Allon has worked with entrepreneurs and business leaders across the globe, he has witnessed how the following six characteristics have assisted in their achieving business success.
3 Sep 2019 6 episodes English Business · Education


Podcast · The Real Network
Join the CliffCentral team as they travel the world.
7 Sep 2018 25 episodes English Society & Culture · Places & Travel


Podcast · AVeS Cyber Security
Become Confident in Your Digital Information AVeS Cyber Security forms part of the AVeS Cyber International group of companies. It is a specialist in industry-specific IT Governance & Architectural services, combining expert knowledge and services with leading technology products to provide comprehensive Information Security and Advanced IT Infrastructure solutions. Over…
14 Aug 2023 10 episodes English Business · Tech News


Podcast · The Real Network
The #CountryDuty show is a show about you and us as South Africans heeding the call to serve our country. #CountryDuty is a voice for the voiceless and a tool that came about to foster change and ensure that there is accountability. Mzansi Twitter had a void and #CountryDuty filled…
12 Sep 2018 30 episodes English News · Society & Culture


Podcast · East Coast Radio - Catch Up
#DearDiary follows the life of a young isiZulu Durban, KwaZulu-Natal wife, through her diary entries. It was first broadcast on East Coast Urban with Thandolwethu.
20 Mar 2018 55 episodes English Personal Journals


Podcast · Raizor's Edge
Deep Dive is a series of thoughtful, layered, nuanced and authentic live conversations that deal with day-to-day entrepreneurial dilemmas. Instead of offering clichéd soundbites, the presenters – Allon Raiz and Kumaran Padayachee – engage in in-depth conversations. The series is unashamedly highbrow, philosophical, authentic and practical.
22 Feb 2022 5 episodes English Explicit Management · Business News


Podcast · Raizor's Edge
#EntrepreneursAsk is an opportunity to ask your most burning, difficult questions to Allon and other experts here at Raizcorp. The answers you can expect - straight talk and experience backed insights.
16 Feb 2021 4 episodes English Explicit Business · Education


Podcast · Solid Gold Podcasts #BeHeard
At Ferring, people come first. Ferring Pharmaceuticals South Africa is a speciality, research-driven biopharmaceutical company that identifies, develops, manufactures and markets innovative products in the fields of reproductive health, urology, gastroenterology and endocrinology.
15 Feb 19 episodes English Health & Fitness


Podcast · Intelligent Africa™
A show focused on assisting young, ambitious, up and coming, high-potential entrepreneurs and executives grow their businesses and fast-track their careers. Gareth Armstrong and Hlubi Mboya do this every week by pulling together an expert panel that includes CEOs, thought leaders, industry experts, and other movers and shakers, to discuss…
31 Jan 2019 302 episodes English Business · Technology


Podcast · GROOTfm 90.5
'n 3 - 5 minute vroeë oggend-oordenking wat jou geestelik inspireer deur verskeie medewerkers
17 Nov 2021 2AM 491 episodes English Health & Fitness


Podcast · Henley Intelligence
During this Henley Intelligence feature, we get answers to your most burning and important questions from the best and brightest in their fields - specialists and experts who have put their 10 000+ hours in and can help us get things right the first time.
23 Nov 2018 24 episodes English Business · Education

#HereForTheReady stories brought to you by Absa.

Series · Ultimate Media
The first #HereForTheReady story is about Sandisiwe Mboxo who lived in Mdantsane. Listen how she used Absa's upskill initiatives to remake her world. You can listen to this story in your choice of English, isiZulu and SeSotho. The HereForTheReady stories are brought to you by Absa and to get them…
0 episodes English Self-Improvement · How To

#HeyEllen, it's Jords and Luke here...

Podcast · East Coast Radio - Catch Up
#HeyEllen, it's Jords and Luke here. We started hitching from Durbs, South Africa, in March 2019 to come see you in LA. Not gonna lie you're pretty hard to get hold of. We're getting closer, so we're just trying to avoid that awkward thing where we arrive and you're not…
19 Jan 2020 34 episodes English Places & Travel · Personal Journals

#IAmAnEducationChampion:The Voice of the Rising Stars Career Expo

Podcast · #IAmAnEducationChampion:The Voice of the Rising Stars Career Expo
Are you feeling stuck in your career, unsure of which path to take next? Welcome to "#IAmAnEducationChampion Podcast," the podcast where we illuminate the myriad opportunities awaiting you in the professional world. Join us each month as we embark on a journey of discovery and empowerment, guiding you towards fulfilling…
19 Apr 1 episodes English Careers · Education


Podcast · The Real Network
CliffCentral.com want you to make the most of the Internet! That’s why we’re empowering you with a series of #InternetCentral podcasts which will improve your Internet FYIs, showcase the stories of people who have used the internet to improve their lives, and give you ways to make the internet work…
1 Dec 2015 36 episodes English Technology · Business
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