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The Archers

Contemporary drama in a rural setting from the world's longest running soap opera. Follow the residents of the fictional farming community of Ambridge. Original programmes broadcast 1900 hrs Sunday - Friday. Episodes added daily (except Saturdays).
Daily English United Kingdom Arts
24 Episodes
1 – 20


Writer: Nick Warburton Director: David PayneKenton Archer…. Richard Attlee Natasha Archer…. Mali Harries Lilian Bellamy…. Sunny Ormonde Harrison Burns…. James Cartwright Alice Carter…. Hollie Chapman Chris Carter…. Wilf Scolding Harry Chilcott…. Jack Ashton Brad Horrobin…. Taylor Uttley Chelsea Horrobin…. Madeleine Leslay Kate Madikane…. Perdita Avery Dr Azra Malik…. Yasmin Wilde…
19 Apr 1PM 13 min


Chelsea plays the system, and opportunity knocks for Mick.
18 Apr 1PM 13 min


There’s a race against time for Fallon, and Lily struggles to maintain control.
17 Apr 1PM 13 min


Alice struggles to keep a promise, and Jazzer spots an opening.
16 Apr 1PM 12 min


Azra finds herself caught in the middle, and suspicions are raised for Harrison.
15 Apr 1PM 13 min


Kate attempts to be diplomatic, and there’s tension at the first cricket match.
14 Apr 1PM 12 min


WRITER: Keri Davies DIRECTOR: Mel Ward EDITOR: Jeremy HoweBrian Aldridge…. Charles Collingwood Lilian Bellamy…. Sunny Ormonde Harrison Burns…. James Cartwright Alice Carter…. Hollie Chapman Chris Carter…. Wilf Scolding Susan Carter…. Charlotte Martin Harry Chilcott…. Jack Ashton Miranda Elliott…. Lucy Fleming Ed Grundy…. Barry Farrimond Eddie Grundy…. Trevor Harrison Emma Grundy……
12 Apr 1PM 12 min


Fallon calls in reinforcements, and George offers his opinion.
11 Apr 1PM 12 min


There’s an awkward encounter for Hannah, and George makes his presence felt.
10 Apr 1PM 12 min


Susan puts her foot down, and Harrison makes a generous offer.
8 Apr 2PM 12 min


Kate makes a promise she may not be able to keep and Alice faces a rude awakening
7 Apr 1PM 13 min


Writer: Daniel Thurman Director: Peter Leslie Wild Brian Aldridge…. Charles Collingwood Jolene Archer…. Buffy Davis Kenton Archer …. Richard Attlee Lilian Bellamy…. Sunny Ormonde Harrison Burns…. James Cartwright Alice Carter …. Hollie Chapman Eve Chilcott …. Juliet Aubrey Harry Chilcott …. Jack Ashton Justin Elliott …. Simon Williams Miranda Elliott…
5 Apr 1PM 13 min


Alice attempts to do the right thing, while Justin finds himself on the defence.
4 Apr 1PM 13 min


There’s shocking news for Harry, and Kenton struggles to come to terms with recent events.
3 Apr 1PM 13 min


It’s judgement day for Harrison, but what will the outcome be?
2 Apr 1PM 13 min


Jolene bares her soul, and Justin has a bone to pick.
1 Apr 2PM 13 min


Tension mounts at the Easter egg race, and Lilian is forced to play nicely.
31 Mar 1PM 13 min


WRITER: Daniel Thurman DIRECTOR: Marina CaldaroneJolene Archer…. Buffy Davies Kenton Archer…. Richard Attlee Harrison Burns…. James Cartwright Chris Carter …. Wilf Scolding Emma Grundy …. Emerald O‘Hanrahan George Grundy …. Angus Stobie Jakob Hakansson …. Paul Venables Brad Horrorbin …. Taylor Uttley Elizabeth Pargetter…. Alison Dowling Freddie Pargetter …. Toby…
29 Mar 2PM 13 min


Tensions mount at the cricket practice, and Robert has an idea.
28 Mar 2PM 13 min


Emma is forced to get involved, and Kenton fears the consequences of recent events.
27 Mar 2PM 13 min
1 – 20