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US calls for calm after strike on Iran

Following a presumed Israeli retaliatory strike on Iran, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken joins renewed international calls for de-escalation. Israel has not commented on the attack, which saw projectiles reach deep into Iran. Also on the programme: the US Congress moves closer to approving $60 billion of aid…
19 Apr 5PM 48 min

Presumed Israeli attack on Iran

US officials say Israel hit Iran with a missile overnight on Friday, in what appears to be a retaliatory strike after weeks of escalating tensions between the two countries. There are competing claims about the scale of the attack on the Isfahan region and the extent of any damage, with…
19 Apr 9AM 49 min

Germany summons Russian ambassador over spy allegations

Germany summons Russian ambassador over arrest of two men suspected of spying for Moscow. We’ll ask if Russian espionage activities are spreading across Europe. Also in the programme, Washington reimposes partial sanctions on Venezuela; the animals in David Bowie’s music, but should nature get the royalties?(Photo: Exterior of Russian embassy…
18 Apr 4PM 50 min

Gaza ceasefire talks: Could Qatar walk away?

Qatar is reassessing its role as a mediator between Israel and Hamas, the country's prime minister has said. Qatar has had a key role - along with Egypt and the US - in trying to secure a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and the release of Israeli hostages. We also…
18 Apr 11AM 50 min

Young men flee conscription in Myanmar

As fighting continues between the Burmese military and rebels in Myanmar, young men are fleeing into Thailand to avoid the draft. We have a special report from the Thai border. And we ask why Myanmar's military government has moved the detained former leader Aung San Suu Kyi from prison to…
17 Apr 4PM 47 min

Fifty thousand Russian soldiers confirmed dead in Ukraine

The BBC has discovered that the body count was nearly 25% higher than in the first year of the war. This overall death toll is eight times higher than the only official public acknowledgement of fatality numbers ever given by Moscow in September 2022.Also on the programme: the military regime…
17 Apr 10AM 51 min

How will Israel respond to Iran’s attack?

The Israeli military’s chief of staff said Tehran’s missile and drone attack would not go unanswered. But what could that look like? We speak to the former director of Israel’s spy Agency, Mossad. Also on the programme: UK politicians vote to ban anyone born after 2009 from ever being able…
16 Apr 4PM 50 min

Can the dream of "Digital India" become a reality?

President Modi has said that India is no longer seen as a nation of "snake charmers and black magic", thanks to the IT skills of its youth. But will this affect the election?Also on the programme: one of Denmark's most historic buildings, the old stock exchange, is engulfed by fire;…
16 Apr 10AM 50 min

Donald Trump’s hush-money trial begins in New York

Former US president Donald Trump begins what could be a six-week criminal trial in the US state of New York. The 77-year-old allegedly falsified business records to conceal hush-money payments to former adult film star Stormy Daniels. A pollster tells us what the trial’s political consequences might be for Mr…
15 Apr 4PM 51 min

Iran says it has shown "restraint" following strikes on Israel

An Iranian spokesman said the strikes, involving more than three hundred missiles and drones, were a limited act of self-defence. Israel's allies have been urging restraint. We hear from the Israeli government. We also hear from a view from Qatar, a country in the region which has retained diplomatic ties…
15 Apr 10AM 49 min

G7 leaders call for restraint after Iran's attack on Israel

A hastily arranged meeting of G7 leaders called by President Biden has urged restraint from all sides after Iran's missile and drone attack on Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu has been chairing a meeting of Israel's war cabinet. Iran says there will be a bigger response in the event of Israeli retaliation…
14 Apr 4PM 47 min

Haiti announces transition council as gang violence rages

The long-awaited political council has been put in charge in Haiti where armed gangs remain in control of the capital. We speak to a member of the new group nominally in charge. Also on the programme: The Israeli military says Iran has launched a wave of drones towards Israel; and…
13 Apr 4PM 49 min

Stabbing attack in a Sydney leaves 6 dead

A man has fatally stabbed six people at a Sydney shopping centre on Saturday. The police said the attacker "acted alone" that there is "no continuing threat" to the public. Also in the programme: as India’s general election starts next week with PM Narendra Modi expected to win a third…
13 Apr 8AM 48 min

Zelensky: We need US weapons aid or Russia wins war

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has pleaded for more weaponry, such as air defences and artillery, from his western allies to fend off Russian attacks. He has warned that if the US Congress continues to hold up a 62 billion dollar military aid package then Ukraine will lose its war against…
12 Apr 4PM 48 min