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The future of TikTok in the US

US lawmakers could vote on a bill that corners the app's owner ByteDance with a stark choice: to sell or be banned. Also in the programme, the French government addresses shrinkflation concerns with a new rule that will require stores to tell customers when a product becomes smaller but its…
19 Apr 6PM 28 min

Will Congress pass the long-awaited Ukraine aid bill?

After months of delay, the US House of Representatives appears poised to hold a vote this weekend on tens of billions of dollars worth of American military aid for Ukraine and Israel. The Republicans in Congress have been holding out on this issue for many months - tying it to…
19 Apr 10AM 29 min

Google's controversial dismissals over Gaza

The tech giant terminates 28 staff who protested against a contract signed with the government of Israel. We get the latest. India's Bombay Stock Exchange warns investors against a deepfake video of its chief executive officer. We find out why. And we take a look at what is happening inside…
18 Apr 5PM 29 min

Official corruption... when ships are in port

The UN has estimated the global Cost of Corruption at some 5% of the world's Gross Domestic Product.Today our sister programme Business Daily has been looking at this - specifically through the lens of shipping, and the demands of routine bribery facing sea-farers. Many of the goods we buy and…
18 Apr 10AM 29 min

Boeing faces fierce scrutiny

A Boeing engineer has told US lawmakers that he was harassed and threatened after he raised concerns about the safety of the company's planes. We hear from engineers and their claims.President Biden is set to call for a tripling of US tariffs on steel and aluminium. His demand for tariff…
17 Apr 5PM 28 min

US election 2024: Is it worth it for campaign backers?

worrying reports for Donald Trump's campaign of what may be an impending cash shortfall. The Financial Times has calculated that he's raised $75mn less for his presidential bid than Joe Biden in recent months, and has 270,000 fewer unique donors than he had at the same stage of his White…
17 Apr 10AM 29 min

Is the American economy out of the woods?

Economic growth in the US will be stronger than expected – but what does this mean for small businesses? We hear from an American business owner about the impact of an economic boom coinciding inflation.Also, a UK legislation to ban cigarette sales leads to questions being raised on how tax…
16 Apr 6PM 26 min

Global economy ‘resilient’ but may be headed for trouble

The global economy is set to grow 3.2% this year, slightly more than previously expected, according to the International Monetary Fund. It’s optimistic assessment in today's keenly awaited Global Growth forecast, suggests the world is heading for a soft landing rather than a crash over the next few months. Ed…
16 Apr 11AM 28 min

Tesla announces workforce redundancies

Redundancies are expected after Tesla announces it will lay off more than 10% of its global vehicle workforce.Also how has a rise in consumer spend affected America’s economy which is grappling with inflation?Plus, the truth behind truth social continues as we look how Trump Media shares have been falling. And…
15 Apr 7PM 28 min

The costs of conflict for business in Israel

Israel's economy is struggling in the wake of conflict with Hamas in Gaza. We hear from a start-up in the EV sector how tensions between Iran and Israel will affect businesses.Also, presenter Will Bain, looks at why Tesla is set to lay off more than 10% of its global electric…
15 Apr 11AM 26 min

Inside Ukraine’s energy crisis

On today’s program we find out why Ukraine is suffering its worst power crisis since Russia launched its invasion. Also, find out why South America’s largest economy is grappling with high inflation. Plus, activists have begun a hunger strike on the island of Tenerife, in protest at what they see…
12 Apr 6PM 26 min

The challenge to produce vaccines in Africa

Moderna has halted plans to build a Covid-19 plant in Kenya alleging the demand after the pandemic has fallen dramatically. Rahul Tandon explores the different challenges that keep Africa missing out on investments to develop vaccines and the consequence this has on the population. And shareholders of United States Steel…
12 Apr 10AM 26 min

Vietnamese billionaire sentenced to death for $44bn fraud

Property tycoon Truong My Lan has been found guilty of embezzling from one of the country's largest banks for 11 years, and given a rare death sentence. We get the latest from our correspondent. And as the political crisis deepens in Myanmar, we hear the latest report from the United…
11 Apr 11AM 26 min

Cost of living shock: US Inflation is up

Consumer prices in the US rose faster than expected last month. The CPI measure of inflation rose 3.5% over the 12 months to March, up from 3.2% in February, the US Labor Department said.How will the new law restricting abortion in Arizona affect the state’s clinics?Plus UK Paralympic legend Baroness…
10 Apr 5PM 26 min

TSMC expands US chip manufacturing in Arizona

The world's largest chip maker, TSMC - The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, has announced it will take advantage of generous US subsidies to build cutting-edge tech in Arizona. The Biden administration has committed more than six billion dollars in subsidies and five billion in possible loans to support the plan.Also,…
8 Apr 5PM 28 min

Yellen's China visit comes to an end

As U.S Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, wraps up her four-day visit to Beijing, Rahul Tandon looks at what the trip could mean for future relations between the U.S and China.Tens of thousands of people in the gaming industry sector have lost their jobs in the last few months. Reporter Izzy…
8 Apr 11AM 28 min

Rare earthquake shakes New York

A rare earthquake that struck New York City has swayed landmarks and cracked roads. Roger Hearing has been speaking to a stockbroker who describes the moment of impact. We also hear from the co-director of the Global Resilience Institute Dr Daniel Aldrich about whether New York is prepared to withstand…
5 Apr 5PM 26 min

McDonald's buys back 225 outlets in Israel

McDonald's has announced its buying restaurants back, and bringing them in house - after the former franchise owner gave free meals to Israeli soldiers. That decision sparked a McDonald's boycott in many other countries across the world. We find out what happens when global brands and global politics collide.
5 Apr 11AM 23 min
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