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KZN neighbour confessions: Locals spill the tea on their next-door drama

Living in KZN throws you together with a colourful bunch! Our neighbours are a wild mix, from braai-sharing besties to late-night karaoke champions. Last week, we asked the residents of sunny KZN to tell us about their good, bad, and ugly neighbour stories. Onyx Moon wrote: “I had a nosy…
22 Apr 13 min

What do you want to fall from the sky?

Stacey and J Sbu heard about recently read about thousands of puffy sweet treats raining down from the sky and hundreds of kids turned into marshmallow hunters in a sugary scramble. This epic event, the Great Marshmallow Drop, saw a helicopter soaring overhead, overflowing with a fluffy white treasure trove…
22 Apr 14 min

"Casual needs to go!" - Mikayla shares her opinion in a confession

Mikayla raises an interesting point about the changing landscape of dress codes, particularly in formal settings. She observes a growing casualness, with people opting for the comfortable options like leggings and slippers even for what were once considered more formal occasions. This shift has sparked debate. Some, like Mikayla, believe…
17 Apr 15 min

Kids give advice to grown ups and we can't get enough

Stacey Norman asked the kiddos of KZN if they had any advice for the adults in the world (and especially the ones in their lives). We heard some stern kids with tremendous opinions about various topics that they were dying to share. East Coast kiddos left Stacey, sports lead Nick…
17 Apr 7 min

Adult peer pressure: Yes, it does exist!

Reaching adulthood does not mean that the suffering of childhood is behind us. The way we dress, the way we look, and the incessant need to be accepted by all around us continue from our teen years well into our old age. defines adult peer pressure as any person…
16 Apr 12 min

Home: What do you love about it?

With the awful weather in Margate impacting lives and ruining homes, Stacey Norman thought it was time to put the spotlight on hometowns. East Coasters sent voice notes, shared comments and called in to chat about their hoods and what they love about them.
16 Apr 11 min

Where do babies come from: What did your parents tell you?

Ever get stumped by the age-old question: "Where do babies come from?" Join us as we unpack the science behind this big mystery, ditch the stork theory and explore fun, age-appropriate ways to answer your child's curiosity. Stacey Norman's discussion showed us how creative the parents of KZN are and…
15 Apr 10 min

Stacey Norman's smartwatch saga: What shouldn't you wear them with?

Join East Coast Radio's queen of style, Stacey Norman, as she dives headfirst into the world of smartwatches! Listeners have been flooding the airwaves with voice notes and spilling the tea on how they rock their smartwatches with every outfit. Is a smartwatch just a fitness tracker or can it…
15 Apr 12 min

Running out of fuel on the highway in Durban - here's the tea!

Running out of petrol on a Durban highway can turn a scenic drive into a hot and sunny wait. Beyond the inconvenience, are there legal repercussions for this unfortunate situation? In South Africa, there's no national law specifically targeting empty fuel tanks. However, stopping on a highway is generally a…
12 Apr 9 min

Things that need to go in 2024

With the news of e-tolls being scrapped, Stacey Norman and J Sbu had another thought pop into their heads. The duo asked East Coasters if there's anything they would like to see go and we had some intriguing responses.
11 Apr 10 min

Confession: “My sister and I have been at odds since the pandemic…”

Sisters are built-in best friends, keepers of secrets and sometimes...well, they’re none of the above. The pandemic threw a lot of curveballs our way and sibling relationships weren't immune. We recently received this message: "My sister and I have been at odds since the pandemic. I'm accustomed to her rudeness…
10 Apr 12 min

Push presents: Should it stay or should it go?

Stacey and J Sbu watched a video by @ajnotalex on Instagram and it's all about push presents! In the heartwarming video, he cradles his newborn daughter while explaining his hilarious push present fail. The video doesn't just expose a common dad amnesia moment, it also offers a lighthearted reminder. Push…
9 Apr 15 min

Braais: What time do you arrive and what time do you eat?

Stacey and J Sbu have had their fair share of braai experiences and the duo had a question to ask KZN. It turns out that many East Coasters spend half the afternoon/evening waiting for the braai to start and nibbling on whatever snacks are around. Listen in if you missed…
9 Apr 16 min

Beyond the basin: What does your bathroom double up as?

Think your bathroom is just a place to cleanse and unwind? Well, it's time to broaden your horizons. This seemingly single-purpose room often moonlights as a surprising haven for a multitude of activities. It’s not just a space to get ready or rush in and out of, its a place…
8 Apr 10 min

Parents looking for schools: Do you look at social media?

"A trauma shared is a trauma halved", said Stacey Norman as she spoke about her Easter lunch recently. Stacey shared that during this meal, her partner's mother inquired about his son's future high school. Nick Tatham said that he hasn't started looking for schools for his one-year-old yet but thinks…
4 Apr 10 min

Term 1 school reports and teacher comment

It's back to school day, the first day of the second school term and we want to hear from the kids: Did you receive your first term report, if yes what was your teacher's comment?
3 Apr 7 min
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