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From beautiful stories in the world's great cities to lonely battlefields, from vintage aircraft and cruise ships out on the ocean wave, the Sunday Times Travel Podcast, hosted by Paul Ash, is a fresh - and audible - take on the world of travel.

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13 Episodes

Sunday Times Travel Podcast | From jail to the wilderness

Rusty Labuschagne was jailed for 10 years in horrific conditions in a Zimbabwean prison for a crime that did not happen. In this espisode, he speaks to Paul Ash about prison life, humility, forgiveness and the healing power of the bush.
13 Sep 2019 33 min

Sunday Times Travel Podcast | Walking with Dinosaurs

The Dinosaur Park in Mpumalanga province in South Africa should be much more famous than it is. The life-size animals, which include a brontosaurs, were created by one of the country's top wildlife artists and live out their days in a gorgeous piece of sub-tropical forest at the edge of…
22 Jun 2019 15 min

Sunday Times Travel Podcast | A dot in the ocean

The island of St Helena is a tiny speck of volcanic rock in the middle of the South Atlantic. It may be one of the remotest inhabited places on Earth and until 2017, the only way to get there was by ship which took five days to motor there from…
9 Oct 2018 13 min

Sunday Times Travel Podcast | Oh ship!

The South African summer cruise season is just around the corner. This year, MSC is bringing a bigger ship to local waters. As a taster, Paul Ash recalls a voyage on the much-loved MSC Sinfonia in 2016.
30 Sep 2018 10 min

Sunday Times Travel Podcast | Shots Fired

The game rangers and guardians of South Africa's Kruger National Park are engaged in a bitter and dangerous struggle against armed gangs of rhino poachers. Paul Ash spent three days in the world-famous wildlife reserve, listening to their stories.
24 Sep 2018 13 min

Sunday Times Travel Podcast | How to run away to sea

Paul Ash boards a traditional square-rigged sailing ship for a voyage from Cape Town and speaks to the crew about life on the ocean wave. Sea shanty sung by Ordinary Seaman Dikembe Dio, aboard the Picton Castle in February 2015.
3 Sep 2018 16 min

Sunday Times Travel Podcast | Lisbon in Four Voices

Paul Ash speaks to some Lisboetas - people born and raised in Lisbon - about what makes their city so magical. The original hang drum music was composed and performed by Lisbon-based musician Nuno Moreno. The track "1116" is from his album Groove A Zen Sound, available directly from Nuno,…
12 Aug 2018 13 min

Sunday Times Travel Podcast | Where the wild things walk

In this podcast, iSimangaliso Wetland Park's lead wilderness trails guide, Mandla Buthelezi, tells Paul Ash about buffaloes and lions, the warning snarl a leopard makes - and what you should do if you get charged by a hippo.
4 Aug 2017 5 min