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Conversations in Business with RSM South Africa is a podcast where we talk to business leaders and experts to gain valuable insights that will help you take your business forward.
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How tax can become a strategic pillar of your organisation

Both local and global tax is changing rapidly, with the introduction of numerous new global tax legislations, as well as local legislative amendments. The tax position of an organisation should consider more than just compliance and should consist of a clear tax strategy which aligns with the overall corporate strategy…
3 May 9 min

ESG considerations around governance, risk and compliance

Businesses can no longer afford to treat ESG as a tick box exercise. It has become a business imperative. Suzan Dolamo, RSM South Africa's Sustainability Assurance Leader, chats to Trust Chikwiri, Head of Governance, Risk and Compliance, about the impact of ESG on business strategies, with a focus on risks.
4 Apr 11 min

An introduction to ESG in South Africa

ESG practices are becoming an important consideration for businesses across the globe. RSM's Thilen Pillay chats to Belinda Careirra, Co-CEO of from Sustainable DNA, around the basics of ESG and how this currently impacts businesses from a South African perspective.
7 Feb 2023 18 min

The accounting of digital assets

As digital assets continue to develop, we are seeing more and more corporates utilising digital assets in their organisations. However, as it stands, the International Financial Reporting Standards are still unclear around their accounting treatment. RSM's Head of Information Systems, Thilen Pillay, chats to our Head of IFRS, Michael Steenkamp,…
18 Oct 2022 13 min

Tax on digital assets

The ease of accessibility, together with the simplicity in which digital assets can be traded globally, has presented a unique challenge to tax authorities throughout the world regarding recovery of taxes from these transactions. RSM Directors, Thilen Pillay and Ozeyr Ahmed, discuss the tax implications as they currently stand for…
5 Oct 2022 16 min

Disclosure of Directors' Remuneration

The disclosure of directors' remuneration is now a requirement of the Companies Act. The aim is to ensure that companies comply with the principles of transparency, accountability and integrity and maintain high standards of corporate governance. RSM Legal Director, Phillip Kruger, chats to Audit Director, Henk Heymans, about the key…
15 Jul 2022 15 min

South African tax rules for M&A and corporate restructures

For businesses to thrive, the ability to acquire, merge and re-organise a business is critical and inevitably, these transactions trigger tax implications for one or both entities concerned. In South Africa there are specific tax rules dealing with mergers & acquisitions and corporate restructuring. All of these are aimed to…
18 May 2022 32 min

Global trends in business innovation

Innovation is a buzz word that has been thrown around strategy sessions for years but the reality is that very few organisations are actually innovating. In this episode, we chat to RSM International's Global Chief Innovation Officer, Paul Herring, about the trends that he is currently seeing in business innovation.
28 Apr 2022 19 min

Hybrid working policies & the future of work

In this episode, Phelokazi Nyangane, Head of People at RSM South Africa, chats to Candice Eaton-Gaul, RSM’s Global Leader for Diversity and Inclusion. They discuss HR policies of Hybrid working and considerations on the implementation of these policies in our workplaces. They also be look at some of the emerging…
10 Mar 2022 14 min

An introduction to Blockchain

Thilen Pillay, RSM South Africa's Digital Service Line Leader, chats to Jay Schulman, a global Blockchain expert and Leader for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Services at RSM US LLP. In this episode, they discuss the basics of Blockchain, as well as the various use cases for this technology, and also take…
28 Feb 2022 27 min

Workplace policies and return to work in light of Covid-19

As Covid-19 restrictions continue to ease and many organisations begin looking at the long-term working arrangements of their staff, there are many new considerations around workplace policies, mandatory vaccination policies and the return to work. The importance of this has been further highlighted following the recent landmark CCMA case that…
27 Jan 2022 28 min

In conversation with Maarten Turkstra, Managing Director of Axess Africa

RSM Director, Chris Maytham, chats to Maarten Turkstra, the Managing Director of Axess Africa, which provides energy and integrity solutions in the oil and gas, wind energy, marine and infrastructure industries Maarten is an avid rock climber who has turned his passion into a successful business. He is also the…
22 Oct 2021 11 min

Vaccinations and the workplace

What are the rights of an organisation when it comes to the vaccination status of their staff? Our Legal Directors, Marc Humphries and Phillip Kruger, have answered a number of the key questions that we have recently been asked by our clients around vaccinations, the workplace and the rights of…
22 Sep 2021 25 min

In conversation with Rachael Madziwanyika, CFO for Buhler

RSM Director, John Jones, chats to Rachael Madziwanyika, Chief Financial Officer for Buhler (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of the Buhler Group in South Africa. Rachael is a qualified Chartered Accountant who has been working in the finance field for over 20 years. Buhler is a global plant equipment manufacturer for…
6 Sep 2021 27 min

In conversation with Mark Le Roux from Hubergroup

RSM Director, Gary Parker, chats to Mark Le Roux, Director at Hubergroup South Africa. Hubergroup is one of the world’s leading specialists for printing inks, coatings and press room chemistry and has been in business for over 250 years ago.
30 Aug 2021 14 min

In conversation with Laurika van Schyff from Manitou

RSM Director, Michael Steenkamp, chats to Laurika van Schyff, a highly accomplished Chartered Accountant and the Financial Manager at Manitou Southern Africa. Laurika shares her insights on Manitou's road to success, as well as some business lessons from her own career.
11 Aug 2021 12 min

In conversation with Jean Stephens

In celebration of Women's month, RSM Director, Liz Pinnock, chat to the CEO of RSM International, Jean Stephens about her illustrious career and what she's learnt along the way.
3 Aug 2021 22 min

The role of corporate governance

RSM Director, Henk Heymans, chats to legal expert, Michael Judin, on corporate governance and the requirements for organisations and Boards of Directors in terms of the Companies Act.
3 Jun 2021 20 min

Understanding the Youth Employment Service (YES Programme)

The Youth Employment Service (often referred to as the YES Programme) is a joint national initiative between business, government and labour, with the aim of creating jobs for the youth. For businesses, involvement offers the opportunity to gain up to two levels on your B-BBEE scorecard. RSM Director, Liz Pinnock,…
12 May 2021 35 min

Where does the insurance industry currently stand?

The insurance industry as a whole has certainly been in the news recently following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic – sometimes for good and sometimes for bad reasons. But there’s no doubt that this is an industry that has been affected and is having to re-look the way they…
4 May 2021 23 min
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