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Hosted by the astute and engaging Phila Shongwe, Freedom Fanatics offers thought-provoking, probing, and thoroughly researched content featuring one-on-one conversations with academics, public figures, and thought leaders on economics, public policy, and news events that shape your world.

Phila aims to make the case for liberty at every turn by defending and promoting liberal and democratic values—individualism, non-racialism, and free markets. The hour-long interview format of the show lends itself to doing just that.
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Dumo Denga on Alternative Media

Joining Simo today is Dumo Denga. Dumo holds a BCom(Hons) and an MCom attained from the University of Witwatersrand. He is founder of ManPatria , a leading Austro-Libertarian web platform based in South Africa. He also co-hosts the Manpatria podcast. They begin by talking about the importance of alternative media…
30 Apr 2023 51 min

Discussing Dostoevsky's "Notes from Underground" with Simesihle Zulu

On today's episode Simo and I discuss Fyodor Dostoevsky's "Notes From The Underground" - a book we hold very dear. We first discuss the context in which the book was written, after which - in our style of a book review, we discuss the key insights found in the book…
5 Mar 2023 39 min

Free Market Advocacy with David Ansara

Joining Phila today is David Ansara. David is the Chief Executive at the Free Market Foundation. The Free Market Foundation is an independent Public Benefit Organisation founded in 1975 to promote and foster an Open Society, the rule of law, and economic and press freedom as fundamental components of its…
1 Feb 2023 42 min

Our Long Walk to Economic Freedom with Prof. Johan Fourie

Joining Phila is Professor Johan Fourie. Professor Fourie attained his PhD in Economic History from Utrecht University. He currently lectures economics (and economic history) at Stellenbosch University. He joins Phila to talk about his book, "Our long walk to economic freedom: 100 000 years of human history". They begin by…
1 Feb 2023 1 hr 02 min

Freedom Fanatics Reimagined: Meet Phila Shongwe

After a short hiatus and time spent at the drawing board, we have reimagined Freedom Fanatics. We've moved from FAN to the Daily Friend (our sister organisation) and got a new host - Phila Shongwe. Instead of weekly updates about important news stories, you can expect thought-provoking, probing, and thoroughly…
30 Jan 2023 8 min

Another new political party, another ASA | Freedom FANatics Ep. 67

An Action SA breakaway has arrived on the political scene - Activists South Africa. We discuss their launch and look at the journey of Sisipho Hamlomo, from ice-cream seller to Mathematics graduate. Then we look at #YourReactions to a quote by the esteemed economist Ludwig von Mises.
11 Oct 2022 27 min

New school subjects are coming soon | Freedom FANatics Ep. 66

Welding, Needlework and Plumbing - these are some of the subjects on the list that the Department of Basic Education wants to introduce at high schools. We discuss this and a new courier service - Thumela - that leverages taxi's and taxi ranks. Then, we look at #YourReactions to our…
4 Oct 2022 32 min

Mmusi is back! Will BOSA win your vote? | Freedom FANatics Ep. 65

Former leader of the DA, Mmusi Maimane, is has launched his own political party - Build One South Africa. We discuss this plus look at the desperation caused by load-shedding to business owners, big and small. Then, we look at #YourReactions to the billions of rands lost due to irregular…
27 Sep 2022 39 min

1TUKS student murder reignites safety concerns | Freedom FANatics Ep. 64

A fatal mugging of a University of Pretoria student highlights the desperation of South Africa's crime rates. We discuss the tragic passing of Thapelo Menwe and a business advertising initiative in townships. Then, we respond to #YourReactions about the punishment of a schoolboy after setting a teacher's car on fire…
20 Sep 2022 22 min

Punishment for hiring 'too many' foreigners?! | Freedom FANatics Ep. 63

Minister of Employment and Labour, Thulas Nxesi, wants businesses who hire foreign-born workers to be punished. We discuss this and the story of Tebogo Maredi's animal welfare programme in Shoshanguve. Then, we look at #YourReactions to a quote by Imtiaz Sooliman from Gift of the Givers. #Employment #Welfare #Township #FreedomFANatics
13 Sep 2022 28 min

SA education stuck in the mud | Freedom FANatics Ep. 62

In 2021, more than 1 100 schools did not write Matric maths or science. We discuss this concerning revelation, the power of the township economy and the release of isiZulu on the free language app, DuoLingo. On #YourReactions we go through some heated comments on the EFF/AfriForum 'Kill The Boer'…
6 Sep 2022 31 min

Does the government want more control over spazas? | Freedom FANatics Ep. 61

The government is making moves to formalize spaza shops. We discuss the motivations for this and look at the viral success of @Tshepo_Yadilemo's biscuit business on @KasiEconomy. Then, we look at #YourReactions about SA's dismal education system. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts · Subscribe on Spotify · Subscribe on Google Podcasts
30 Aug 2022 33 min

More taxes will solve unemployment? | Freedom FANatics Ep. 60

The SA Communist Party makes some stunning remarks about South Africa's free market economy. We discuss this plus look at a dope twitter account featuring small businesses, @KasiEconomy, and the comments on MacG's Podcast and Chill episode with DA leader, John Steenhuisen. Then we look at #YourReactions to SA's brain…
23 Aug 2022 33 min

Will the ANC lose power? | Freedom FANatics Ep. 59

While new polling highlights the loss of ANC support, the FAN team discuss the importance of the 2024 elections for South Africa's future. Additionally an incident of police brutality by SAPS also raise the importance for accountability. on #YourReactions the FAN team discuss South Africa's xenophobia crisis.
16 Aug 2022 38 min

Which is better - grants or jobs? | Freedom FANatics Ep. 58

With plans to increase Social Relief Distress grants, we look at whether or not grants are actually sustainable in SA. Then, we discuss the new pineapple logo of Freedom FANatics and later we tackle #YourReactions to a Nelson Mandela quote about leaders and sacrifice. SUBSCRIBE ON APPLE PODCAST · SUBSCRIBE…
10 Aug 2022 32 min

The ANC discovers 'meritocracy' | Freedom FANatics Ep. 57

"We are introducing meritocracy in the ANC. Something which was never there before." The FAN crew discusses these comments by ANC MP Zizi Kodwa, reflect on the passing of John Kane-Berman and look at YOUR REACTIONS to a proposal to raise social grants in South Africa. SUBSCRIBE ON APPLE PODCAST…
2 Aug 2022 34 min

Former president roasts Ramaphosa | Freedom FANatics Ep. 56

"There is no national plan to address these challenges of poverty, unemployment, inequality. It doesn't exist." The FAN squad discusses these comments made by a former South African president, voting behaviour and the success of one of the national teams over the weekend. Then, Mbali takes us through YOUR REACTIONS…
26 Jul 2022 42 min

Is Eskom Dead?

On this episode of #BurningQuestions the FAN team discuss the failings of Eskom.
13 Jul 2022 13 min
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