KZN Future 50

In KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), we have talent, resources, resourcefulness, courage, and a can-do attitude to make things happen. These are the attributes of any business owner with the guts to start and the commitment to grow a business here too. Business owners hold the key to unlocking growth and prosperity in KZN. Their drive to thrive despite the odds, contribute to the well-being of our communities, our province, and the world.

ECR Breakfast and Business growth specialist Pavlo Phitidis are celebrating those getting it right through the KZN Future 50. This weekly profile of a forward-focussed business shows how growth brings a better future to us all.

Pavlo shares these KZN business stories, offers insights on what will accelerate their growth, and asks listeners to help make it happen for the business owner, their business, and the society they operate in.

Catch the feature on-air on East Coast Radio every Monday at 07h50, or listen to the podcast here.
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We Are Food - Episode 34

Learn more about We Are Food, this week's KZN Future 50 featured business... From Kitchen Creations to Culinary Empire: The Story of We Are Food.
27 Feb 3 min

GreenHill Laboratories - Episode 32

In the realm of scientific innovation and industry advancement, Greenhill Laboratories stands as a beacon of excellence and ingenuity. Founded by Shaun Groenink, Greenhill Laboratories has carved a niche for itself as a premier testing, production, and consulting laboratory catering to a diverse array of industries including agriculture, food, healthcare,…
13 Feb 4 min

The Artisan Baker - Episode 31

In the realm of KZN's entrepreneurial landscape, the spotlight falls today on Barry Korb's artisan bakery, a beacon of culinary craftsmanship nestled in the heart of the province. The Artisan Bakery, renowned for its mastery in crafting exquisite sourdough bread, embodies the fusion of artistry and precision that defines the…
6 Feb 4 min

Giba Gorge - Episode 29

In this week’s KZN Future50, we learn about Giba Gorge which tells a story of a business journey from a small construction company to the development of an outdoor entertainment venue, business park, and adventure park.
22 Jan 4 min

Silhouette Furniture - Episode 28

In this week’s KZN Future50 episode, we get to know Silhouette Furniture, led by the father-daughter duo Anthony and Megan Morgan, a business which has emerged as a prominent player in the design and manufacturing of outdoor furniture across South Africa.
15 Jan 5 min

Job Crystal - Episode 27

In this week's KZN Future 50 feature, we learn about making informed career and hiring decisions by checking a salary against the standard salary for that role country-wide.
19 Dec 2023 4 min

Coastal Timber - Episode 26

Your home deserves the touch of nature's finest! In this episode of KZN Future 50, Coastal Timber takes front and centre stage.
11 Dec 2023 5 min

Nurturing South Africa's Local Farmers for a Healthier Future- Episode 24

Having previously featured a business that was focused on frozen fruit and vegetables, this week’s East Coast Radio KZN Future50 shifts focus to another business that is passionate about ensuring South Africans are well fed with nutritious food. In the heart of South Africa, a business called Vryheid Meatmasters stands…
20 Nov 2023 4 min

To build a global business that drives growth and catalyst for change - Episode 20

Airshot was founded with a clear vision in mind: to revolutionize the performance industry by delivering an innovative solution that surpasses our clients’ expectations. What started as a small venture has now grown into a dynamic and forward-thinking company, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Here's why Pavlo…
23 Oct 2023 5 min
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