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Lesser Known Somebodies

Comedian Simmi Areff brings you conversations with famous people, not so famous people and random strangers who pick up the mic and decide to share their stories with him. It is fun, funny and sometimes incredibly weird
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Dubai Part 2, One Life Cafe

Hello. Here is the second part of the recording at One Life Cafe in Dubai. It features another Omer Taha conversation (You will need to watch the YouTube video to see it) but also deep meaningful conversations with: Auntie Reem The biggest fan of the podcast, Mubarak The owner of…
16 May 2023 41 min

LKS Outside: Dubai, One Life Cafe Part 1

Hello. I am back with another episode. At this point you will probably say that I am inconsistent - I really am. I hope that changes. Anyway, here is an episode with me in Dubai in January - that is months ago. I am so grateful for all the friendships…
8 May 2023 40 min

LKS Outside: At a pre-party for the Rugby

Hello. I went to a pre-party for a rugby match. Basically, it is just a party that happens before people get really into a sport. I had a good time though. Wow, the people i met and spoke to were eclectic. Brazilians A CEO of a finance company Someone who…
29 Aug 2022 57 min

LKS Outside: First Thursday, The Homecoming Centre

Simmi chatted to some people that frequented the lovely Homecoming centre on First Thursday. He spoke to: An Artist A podcaster Potential Art buyers A DJ’s twin brotherSee for privacy information.
11 Aug 2022 37 min

LKS Outside: The Skate Park

On this episode I went to The Skate Park and chilled with whoever was there. Let me tell you already… I was in a mood. We started late, forgot our table, sign and chairs and then had technical difficulties. However we had such interesting conversations! Here are the guests:A hype…
5 Jul 2022 45 min

LKS Outside: Sea Point Prom and The Rugby

Two locations - One day. Had fun chatting to all the people I met and this is who I came across: A guy who has a nose ring. A lady healing A hustler  People going to the rugby A person with parking problems The Police. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
22 Jun 2022 48 min

LKS Outside: Neighbourgood

Hello! We are doing things a bit differently for awhile. Whilst I dig interviewing people that are known I do miss interviewing random people. So I have taken the podcast TO THE STREETS. The audio is not from inside a studio - so if you are expecting that then sorry…
13 Jun 2022 38 min

Gilli Apter [Free]

Gilli was the first person I interviewed when I arrived back in South Africa. She is also such a vibe to be around. She is now off touring and doing stand up comedy - something she is so dedicated to. She is also a long time crush. I chat to…
21 Apr 2022 13 min

Mojak Lehoko [Free]

Mojak is hands down one of the cleverest people I have met. I am always in awe of his different angles and his writing process. Not only is he a good comedian but his brain can be applied to so many different things and it is wonderful to hear the…
21 Apr 2022 6 min

Julia Stuart [Free]

Julia is not only enigmatic but she is probably one of the best Sports Broadcasters out there. Being a women in a male dominated sport we speak about her career and the passion and drive she has to succeed. I found this interview great - Julia has a commanding presence…
21 Apr 2022 13 min

Okay Wasabi & Mojak Lehoko [Free]

Okay Wasabi aka George Mnguni joins me and Mojak to talk about his career. I use to see George come to Kitcheners Comedy Night and then the next thing he was a big YouTube star. He also has the freshest shoes in South Africa. In this conversation I was so…
14 Feb 2022 7 min

Lesego Tlhabi [Free]

I sat down and spoke to the force that is Lesego Tlhabi. Some may know her as Coconut Kelz, but what she really is is a big ball of talent that is on the cutting edge of satire. She is hilarious, whimsical and a joy to learn from. We talk…
14 Feb 2022 18 min

Rob Forbes and Waylene [Free]

If you know radio then at some time you have either listened to Rob or you have been in awe of his prowess. But what draws me to Rob is his aura. I am yet to meet someone who shows humility while also being one of the cleverest people in…
14 Feb 2022 9 min

The Goliaths [Free version]

I sat down with Jason, Donovan and Nicholas Goliath to catch up with them. I had not seen them in awhile and i wanted to know how they have been, what they were doing and what they had learnt since we all had to evolve due to the changing world…
14 Feb 2022 9 min

Tumi Morake [Comedian/Actress/Super human]

I sat down with Tumi Morake who is one of South Africa's best comedians and actresses. Words really do fail when talking about Tumi. She is such a talented and enjoyable person to be in a room with. We talk about her career and thoughts and all the wonderful moments…
20 Sep 2021 1 hr 02 min

Abz Ali [Comedian and Dubai BFF]

I sat down with the first Emirati comedian and one of my best friends in Dubai - I mean I don't know many people here so take that with a pinch of salt (sorry Best Friend Deen). We talk about the best dessert in the world 'Milk Cake'. We speak…
17 Aug 2021 1 hr 01 min

Waylene Beukes [Comedian/Friend/Model]

On this episode of Lesser Known Somebodies I speak to Namibian/South African comedian Waylene Beukes. She is a close friend but a funny friend. We speak about a host of things, and I cant even remember half of the convo but I know we speak about her burgeoning career, her…
15 Jun 2021 42 min

Majozi [Musician/Good Human/Top Bloke]

I wish I could remember what we spoke about in this conversation to write up a proper bio. I recorded this episode with Majozi like two months ago in Cape Town and all I remember from it was that it was interesting and humorous. It is also the longest episode…
28 May 2021 1 hr 50 min

Duduzane Zuma

Simmi Areff brings you another episode of Lesser Known Somebodies with the infamous Duduzane Zuma. Son of the former president Jacob Zuma and a high profile public figure and businessman, Duduzane sits down with Simmi to talk about what is happening in his life. From the State Capture Enquiry, yo…
4 May 2021 1 hr 21 min

Bioscope Brasse [The Crossover]

In the first instalment of podcast-crossovers I am speaking to my new buddies from the Bioscope Brasse podcast: Jody and Ross. We speak about my excellent trolling skills, Jody's emailing skills, a little bit of movies, infiltrating the Arab hookah pipe world and much moreSee for privacy information.See…
1 Feb 2021 1 hr 05 min
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