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In a podcasting world full of true crime, one will rise above the rest as the true hero of forgotten victims. Petty Crime SA tells the stories of ordinary South Africans who have fallen prey to the crimes that ruined at least 7 hours of their day. Phil de Lange, a self-appointed semi-amateur investigative savant, unpacks each victim's experience and tries to get to the bottom of these heinous acts of inconvenience.
Monthly English Explicit South Africa True Crime · Comedy
10 Episodes

The parole papers and the turd in Makhanda

For the first time, we bring you an episode with a story so heinous that an actor needed to be hired to portray the role of the victim. Join Phil as he uncovers a world of parole paper wielding hackers and outlandish poop bandits.
17 Apr 10 min

Three siblings, two phones, and one money laundering racket

In this episode Phil set out to find out about a dodgy family member of Sa'eed who had apparently stolen two cellphones from his siblings. During the investigation Phil happened to uncover what is probably the biggest online gaming money laundering racket of our time.
1 Apr 12 min

Fashion police, poisonous gas, and wiper blade syndicates

It seems the South African car remains the hotspot for petty crime in South Africa. Today we meet a victim who experienced so much inconvenience that she needed help in uncovering syndicates involving the fashion police after blaming her husband for crimes that almost got committed.
19 Mar 12 min

Hate crimes and piracy deep dives

For the first time an apparent 'victim' reveals herself to be a possible criminal. We invite a previous guest back to the Petty Crime help desk as we dive further into the world of music theft and piracy. We also speak to the victim of a possible hate crime who…
26 Feb 13 min

Taxidermy, art, and anarchy

For the first time in his career as the world's best petty crime sleuth, Phil hones his skills of telepathy to assist someone in solving a crime. In yet another dark turn, we find ourselves exploring the interconnected underworld of vandalism, mansplaining, and taxidermy.
12 Feb 12 min

The environmental vigilante and the shampoo bottle

Fatima Zahra wanted an early start to her day but had her plans derailed when she couldn't find her shampoo. Little did she know that this would trigger a series of events taking her and Phil down a path of property invasion and theft. But things aren't as they seem…
29 Jan 11 min

The psychopath and the light shroud

There are 11 million vehicles on South African roads. Phil delves into the dark underbelly of criminality of people who mutilate working cars for insignificant parts. He encounters a underworld of danger and theft in his most challenging case yet.
15 Jan 14 min

Mo's Left Shoe

Mo, an accounting student from Durban, faced the most difficult test of his life: leaving Mosque with one shoe. In his most difficult case yet, professional in amateur forensics Phil de Lange tries to track the footsteps of a thief who had the audacity to steal a single shoe at…
18 Dec 2023 15 min

The search for Agnes the Cactus

Phil puts his expert skills of investigation to the test to try help Sa'eed find his beloved cactus. An underworld of party drugs, unrealistically long spikes and horticultural heists awaits Phil in this gripping episode of South Africa's best true crime podcast.
14 Nov 2023 12 min

The Rearview Mirror

Amateur sleuth, Phil de Lange takes on the curious cold case of Maxine Peters, who has been effected by the pettiest of petty crimes: a car being broken into and valuables or stuff that isn't that valuable, being taken in the cold of night. If you have been a victim…
4 Nov 2023 12 min