Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp Baby Brunch | The Parenting Series

Baby Brunch | The Parenting Series

It takes a village to raise a child and connecting with fellow moms and dads leads to sharing of knowledge. That’s where Parent + #BabyBrunch comes in. Hosted by Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp, the Baby Brunch | The Parenting Series podcast features fun and insightful conversations with ordinary parents doing extraordinary things. These can serve as a source of support, inspiration and advice for parents, moms and moms-to-be as we delve into the unique experiences of diverse parents.
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Fertility: Am I Able To Have a Baby? with Dr Q

How do I know I am fertile? How do I know I can have a baby? When do I get my body checked out? In this week's episode, we answer your questions with our fertility specialist, Dr Qinisile Cele. Founder of the Family Matters Fertility Centre in Centurion, Dr Cele…
16 Apr 33 min

How Do I Raise a Child That Is Resilient? with Naomi Holdt

What does the word "resilience" mean to us as parents? How do we go about raising a child that is resilient? This week We have the honour of hosting Naomi Holdt, educational psychologist, speaker, and author, from KZN, to help us better understand the concept of 'raising a resilient child.'…
2 Apr 38 min

A Life with Endometriosis with Nadine Dirks

Endometriosis. It's a tough condition for women to talk about, let alone asking for help. And very often it's misdiagnosed, leading to embarrassment later in life. Nadine Dirks, activist & author, is joining us this week to tackle this very intimate topic, because she is living with this experience herself…
19 Mar 29 min

Bullying: How do I help my child? with Dr Judy Jaye

I am building a world of kindness for my children, but how do I deal with bullies? It's a controversial topic, but in this Podcast, Dr Judy Jaye gives us helpful guidance on recognising, managing, and solving the bully-problem in our schools and among our children. Brought to you by…
4 Mar 31 min

The Secret to My Success (& Happiness) with Rhona Erasmus

Rhona Erasmus made sure her dreams became a reality and her 'secret' might be simpler than you think. Now a successful businesswoman, the former beauty queen, turned reality TV star, says that simple advice is often the best advice. But she adds "We have to challenge ourselves, and for The…
5 Feb 39 min

Why your Shy Child is a Smart Child? Surprise! with Sandrina Naidoo.

How do I treat my shy child? In this podcast, veteran teacher, Sandrina Naidoo, explains why a "shy child" is simply a smart child that is introverted. Introverted children are individuals who tend to be more reserved, reflective, and inward-focused compared to extroverted children. Being introverted is a personality trait,…
22 Jan 30 min

How much does it cost to have children? with Justin Harrison

Ever heard the saying, 'Having kids is expensive'? Let's break it down- just how costly is it? Join us in this week's episode as we number-crunch the nitty-gritty of raising our little ones. Accompanied by Justin Harrison, an investor, author, business guru, and fellow parent, we unravel the true costs…
4 Dec 2023 38 min

Can I have my Placenta, please? with Melissa Mann

Can I have my placenta, please? Not a common question that you would ask just after giving birth, but in this week's discussion with Melissa Mann, certified doula & placenta specialist (from OrganicBirth.co.za), we understand why this part of your body that you have created during pregnancy is important to…
20 Nov 2023 29 min

Missing Children: What Do I Do If It's Mine? with Nico Panagio

Nico Panagio is our guest this week! Why him? We have learned that children go missing every single day in South Africa. It's a reality we don't even want to consider, but child trafficking is one of the most active criminal activities in the world today. There is hope! Thanks…
6 Nov 2023 47 min

Nadia Jaftha: Mom & Daughter Goals

Nadia Jaftha is a force of joy in everything that she does, and her magical charm has helped her to turn popularity on social media into successful business projects. Today she is one of the most recognised South African influencers and a powerful, independent lady. In this captivating podcast, Nadia…
24 Oct 2023 36 min

Buying The Ultimate Family Car: Where Do We Start? with Juliet McGuire

You're looking for a practical, affordable, and reliable family car, but have no idea where to start or how to make the right decision! Baby in the back seat, and luggage in the boot - the practical aspects are important, but we also want to enjoy the drive and the…
10 Oct 2023 46 min

Pets At Home: Guidance from a Vet with Dr Motheo Masiya

If you're a Pet-loving person, this one's for you! Our expert Veterinarian, Dr Motheo Masiya, talks about the most important aspects when getting a new pet - for example, the vital health checks, vaccinations, deworming, pet insurance, and considering the size of the pet (especially with kids at home). Parents…
19 Sep 2023 24 min

Rethinking the Roles: Grandparents Living with Us - Dr Jenny Rose

There is no easy way out: our parents will not be around forever, and being a parent while our own parents get older, or pass away, is a fundamental concept that many of us might struggle with in life. Juggling the role of being a good parent, while also looking…
5 Sep 2023 25 min

Children & Dogs: A Dog Trainer's Advice with Landie Coertse

I'm a parent and want my dogs to get along with my kids, and vice versa... What is the best advice to ensure everyone's happy and play along nicely? Professional Dog Trainer, Landie Coertse, joins Elana in studio to help us understand the way dogs behave when kids are around…
22 Aug 2023 32 min

The Miracle Smile: The Smile Foundation

Thanks to the SPAR Women's Challenge Jozi, Elana gets to see first-hand the miracle work that South Africa's Smile Foundation does for children. With the generous support of SPAR, we meet some of the heroes that work for this life-changing, non-profit organisation. Bringing together corporate support, medical experts, and initiatives…
15 Aug 2023 26 min

Karlien van Jaarsveld Praat Reguit

Karlien van Jaarsveld het ’n kleurryke en suksesvolle sangloopbaan en is ’n gewilde Afrikaanse kunstenaar. Maar agter die skerms, en in die hospitaal waar sy menige nag langs haar kind se bed deurgebring het, was dinge nie altyd so maklik nie. As openbare figuur, is elke aspek van haar lewe…
1 Aug 2023 40 min

The Baby Food buzz: Halal “Huiskos"! - Nabeelah Sawant

It has taken a mother from Cape Town a nationwide, desperate search to try and find baby food that works, until she finally decided: DIY is the only way! Nabeelah Sawant called her close-friend, and professional dietician, Shakeela Talip, to help with the science behind the recipes - to ensure…
18 Jul 2023 18 min

Presence vs Guilt: How to Create Harmony as a New Mom with Lori Milner

Creating a harmonious and disciplined lifestyle is the first step to having balance in your life — especially if you’re a mother, and even more so if you’re a new mom. Lori Milner, one of South Africa's leading lifestyle coaches, joins Elana to give us some valuable advice on the…
4 Jul 2023 28 min

Single Mom: When to Call a Lawyer with Advocate Jade Lawson

Advocate Jade Lawson joins Elana this week to give us the Legal take on Single parents, with kids. What are the implications for travelling? What if you're a mom and not earning a salary? What if you never got married, and now have kids out of wedlock? Legally, what should…
20 Jun 2023 9 min
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