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The forsaken house of the Lord

Bishop Moloantoa reflects on the theme of the forsaken house of the Lord, drawing from Psalms 137:1-9. He reminds us that Babylon was a place of captivity for the Israelites, who composed this psalm in their exile. Similarly, he observes that today's church often feels like a place where one…
24 May 9AM 15 min

No room for Jesus

Bishop Moloantoa discusses Luke 2:1-7, focusing on the events in Bethlehem. The decree commanded all inhabitants of Bethlehem to return to their hometown for a census. Bethlehem, known as the city of bread, holds significant symbolism as Jesus Christ, who was born there, is the Bread of Life.
24 May 8AM 15 min

How lovely is your dwelling place O lord almighty #2

Pastor Zani Dladla continues to reflects on the beauty of God's dwelling place, Psalms 84 : 8 - 12 "'O Lord God of hosts, hear my prayer; Give ear, O God of Jacob! Selah. ' Your place of worship is the house of the Lord. Do you love your place…
21 May 4AM 9 min

How lovely is your dwelling place O lord almighty #1

Pastor Zani Dladla reflects on the beauty of God's dwelling place, as expressed in the phrase, Psalms 84 : 1 - 7 "How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord Almighty." He then poses a thought-provoking question: Are you dwelling in the house of the Lord?
21 May 4AM 8 min

Importance of Ascension day #2

Pastor Gwen Matshoba continues in the series of the importance of Ascension Day. Ephesians 4 : 7 - 16 "Grace has been given apportioned, when He ascended on High, He led captivity captive, and He gave gifts to man."
21 May 3AM 19 min

Importance of Ascension Day #1

Pastor Gwen Matshoba is talking about commemorating Ascension Day which happens 40 days after the resurrection of Jesus. Galatians 3 "We are all one in Jesus Christ."
21 May 3AM 20 min

The appearance and ascension of Jesus Christ

Pastor Zani Dladla speaks about the appearance and ascension of Jesus Christ in the book of Luke 24 : 36 - 53. Jesus Christ lifted up His hands and blessed His disciples.
13 May 6AM 10 min

Jesus appears to two disciples

Pastor Zani Dladla discusses the biblical account of Jesus appearing to two disciples on the road to Emmaus, as described in Luke 24:13-35. The passage highlights Jesus Christ's authority and impact through his teachings and actions.
30 Apr 4AM 10 min

Token of remembrance

Pastor Gwen Matshoba teaches a powerful lesson from Acts 10:1-6 and 2 Samuel 18:18, highlighting the profound impact of our influence, whether positive or negative. We leave behind a lasting imprint, a memorial that remains even after we pass away. This serves as a token of remembrance, shaping how we…
26 Apr 9AM 20 min

Set apart

Pastor Gwen Matshoba teaches about to be set apart, reading in the book of Acts 13 : 1 - 4 Antioch was the first place to call believers Christians, to be like Christ. They thought they were mocking them, but they never understood that they were affirming the word of…
26 Apr 9AM 20 min

Jesus appears to Thomas

Pastor Zani Dladla shares insights on Jesus' appearance to Thomas, a narrative found in John 20:24-31. His teaching underscores the importance of believing in Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God, and highlights that through this belief, one receives life in His Name.
18 Apr 3AM 9 min

Jesus appears to His disciples

"Pastor Zani Dladla encourages us to consider, as Christians, what news we bring. Reflecting on Mary Magdalene's proclamation in John 20:18-23, 'I have seen the Lord,' we are reminded of the transformative power of encountering Christ in our lives."
11 Apr 4AM 9 min

Claiming to know God but denying His power

Pastor Gwen Matshoba teaches about claiming to know God but denying His power. 2 Peter 1 : 1 -2; Jude 1 : 5 We get peace when we get into the abundant knowledge of God.
5 Apr 3AM 20 min

Make every effort #2

Pastor Gwen Matshoba continues in the series of making every effort. 2 Peter 1 : 5 - 9 In making every effort, we need to add goodness, Knowledge, self-control and perseverance.
5 Apr 3AM 19 min

Make every effort #1

Pastor Gwen Matshoba teaches about making every effort to enter that rest... Hebrews 4 : 11 When Jesus said, "It is finished" He was declaring that the effort was accomplished, and the work was completed. To make an effort is to do all what you can, we've got to be…
5 Apr 2AM 19 min

Great commission

Pastor Zani Dladla talks about a great commission in the book of Matthew 28 : 16 - 20 All authority in Heaven and on Earth has been given to Jesus, therefore our task is to go and make disciples.
5 Apr 2AM 10 min

Man shall not live by bread alone

Nthabiseng Shabalala talks about the book of Luke 4 : 1 "Jesus, full of the Holy spirit." Prayer has power to brings change in our circumstances.
26 Mar 9AM 9 min

One language only

Bishop Moloantoa emphasizes the vital importance of aligning one's words with actions, drawing from Proverbs 20:14: "It’s no good, it’s no good!” says the buyer—then goes off and boasts about the purchase." The writer highlights the rapid changeability of the tongue, which often surprises people. He admonishes Christians who swiftly…
26 Mar 9AM 16 min

Questions answered

Bishop Moloantoa discusses the resolution of inquiries in Isaiah 41:28-29. Initially, mankind enjoyed harmonious relations with God through daily divine visitations. However, conflict arose when they were instructed not to consume a specific fruit in the garden, allowing the enemy to enter their lives. This marked the beginning of questioning…
26 Mar 8AM 15 min
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