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That JEFF Guy And What He's Getting Up Too Now!!!

That JEFF guy created a life-changing community during lockdown. One that hundreds and thousands of South Africans joined to get help to look after their minds and bodies… but his name isn’t actually JEFF. That’s just what I used to call him. You see, JEFF is actually an acronym for…
27 Feb 23 min

Cupcakes of Hope - The Sweetest Way to Save a Life!

Cupcakes of Hope is a Non-Profit Company and a Public Benefit Organisation. Their main aim is to raise awareness and funds for families in need of medical assistance and they do this through our love of baking cupcakes. It is the sweetest way to save a life and to chat…
20 Feb 14 min

Aptihire: Innovation in the South African Job Market!

What started as a casual conversation about how unbelievable it is that lockdown has put universities and the world on pause ended up being the first step in creating UNLOCK - the “Uber” of tutoring - as I called it in my interview with one of the founders, Luke Tollman…
13 Feb 11 min

Courage to Care. Courage to Live. Courage to say NO!

MOT was started by Norwegian top athletes after the Winter Olympics in 1994 with the objective to prevent social problems in society. The MOT Concept is based on the purpose of creating a safer society by strengthening youth's robustness, awareness and courage - courage to live, courage to care and…
6 Feb 15 min

#DriveHope 2.0 is All About Small Acts With Big Impact!

Welcome to the new chapter of #DriveHope (2.0), where the smallest acts become the biggest catalysts for change - a reminder of compassion, community, and how the remarkable power of small gestures tend to have the biggest impact. The 2024 season of the Good Things Guy Podcast has just kicked…
30 Jan 17 min

Give a Little Thanks this Festive Season!

Although South Africa is a nation seeped in the spirit of Ubuntu, according to the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) 2022 World Giving Index* the nation’s global generosity ranking has dropped since 2021. According to the study while global generosity grew, the country’s index score decreased by 6%, from a global…
12 Dec 2023 10 min

Joy From Africa to The World!

Every year, the V&A Waterfront puts on a Christmas display that wows shoppers from around the world; they collaborate with local designers and artisans to give Christmas a proudly South African twist. And we have a representative from the V&A to chat about the campaign.
5 Dec 2023 12 min

Listen: Turning a Simple Voucher into a Lifeline for South Africa

When Mr D and Pick n Pay came together to introduce a novel grocery delivery service, I never imagined that a simple R500 voucher could turn into a heartwarming story of generosity and support for South Africa. This is my story about how a small gesture grew into something much…
7 Nov 2023 15 min

Brownie Points, The Good Economy And REAL Jobs for South Africans!

Pascale Du-Toit-Henke was a first-year university student when she decided she wanted to use her skills to give back. She realised how hard it was to find places within her area to go and volunteer. This was when she decided to found the Brownie Points platform that would help link…
26 Sep 2023 14 min

Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way!

It’s Wills Month and Capital Legacy and Good Things Guy are urging South Africans to recognise the significance of well-drafted Wills for legacy preservation and family care.
5 Sep 2023 14 min

Poignant Story of How A South African Risked His Life To Save His 4 Dogs!

Amidst danger and chaos, a South African's unwavering courage shone through as he risked everything - including his life - to save his cherished four-legged companions. Kobus Olivier, a former South African Cricketer and a devoted father to four cherished dogs found himself plunged into a nightmarish reality as the…
15 Aug 2023 28 min

After The Kidnapping: Exclusive First Interview With Baby Eden’s Mom

It’s a story that rocked the nation. On the 2nd of May 2018, the Pink Ladies (an organisation for Missing Children in South Africa) issued a kidnapped child alert after it was alleged that a domestic worker took a Baby named Eden, tied on her back with a light blue…
2 May 2023 11 min

Helping Each Other: Why Giving In South Africa Is So Important!

South Africa's facing a tough time when it comes to charity… we've almost become numb to the reality of what our country has to deal with every single day, but it is still our reality. If we want better neighbourhoods, we need to be better neighbours. Kelly McGillivray has been…
14 Mar 2023 21 min

Land Expropriation And A Constitutional Conversation!

This week on the Good Things Guy podcast, Brent Lindeque chats with a lawyer who majors in the South African Constitution. The biggest thing Brent has learnt about the current “Land expropriation without compensation” debate is that many South Africans have NO IDEA how our Constitution works, or what our…
7 Mar 2023 24 min

"Don't Make Notes, Make Actions!" Catching up with Richard Mulholland!!!

Richard Mulholland kicked off his career as a rock n roll roadie, then started South Africa's largest presentation firm, Missing Link and co-founded 21Tanks, SA's first perspective lab. Richard is a highly regarded international speaker. He’s written books; spent time on various radio and TV shows and has a Youtube…
28 Feb 2023 40 min

John Tsenoli – It’s the long road that leads us home!

While still riding high on the success of his debut single release 'I’m Just a Boy' -that has already reached over 7 million listeners on South African radio, John Tsenoli has just dropped his next single, Long Road, available across all digital platforms since Friday. The same hit-making team, Ryno…
21 Feb 2023 28 min

"If it bleeds, it leads but if it's good it should." - Mandy Wiener

Listen as the Good Things Guy delves into who the "real" bad guys are, how Mandy Wiener deals with intimidation when speaking to thugs, gangsters and corrupt officials and how the average South African can help fight corruption and state capture. This is us finding the good things in her…
14 Feb 2023 14 min
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