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4Sight Informational Technologies Cluster

The IT cluster enables digital transformation
of ERP, human resources management,
payroll, CRM, accounting with business
process management, data visualisation,
reporting and dashboards and secure, cost
effective cloud solutions on demand.
Weekly English South Africa Technology · Business
18 Episodes

Digital Transformation with ERP and CRM

In this podcast we speak about how organisations are leveraging ERP and CRM systems to drive digital transformation, streamline processes, and stay competitive in the digital era. Podcast Powered by letsrecast.ai
23 Jan 2 min

Navigating Change Timely and Effective Digital Transformation

The need for evolution remains a pressing reality within today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. Embracing digital strategy and technology redefines the way organisations remain competitive, enhance customer experience and streamline operations. The key to success is not exclusive to the digital strategy – we often underestimate the effort involved with…
13 Nov 2023 1 min

Adding prediction to the automation of business processes

In this podcast episode, we delve into the intriguing concept of incorporating predictive elements into the automation of business processes, with the aim of elevating overall operational efficiencies. Podcast Powered by letsrecast.ai
19 Oct 2023 3 min

Transforming Business Processes: The Power of Integrated Fixed Asset Management

In this podcast we speak about ,In today's dynamic business landscape, organisations are constantly striving to optimise their operations and maximise their financial performance. However, there is one crucial aspect that often gets overlooked or treated as an afterthought – fixed asset management. As I engaged with customers across various…
18 Sep 2023 3 min

Cloud vs. On-premise ERP systems in Africa

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have transformed businesses by streamlining processes and improving efficiency. And the question arises for organisations as to whether to opt for a cloud-based ERP system, which have become more sought after for a number of reasons. However, even though the rise of cloud-based ERPs has…
21 Aug 2023 2 min

Navigating Payroll Challenges in South Africa

Payroll management is a critical function for businesses in South Africa, ensuring that employees are paid accurately and on time. However, numerous challenges can arise in this process, stemming from complex legal requirements, evolving legislation, and administrative intricacies.
28 Jul 2023 2 min

ERP Sales Cycle – Insights and Advice for Implementation

Implementing an ERP system is a crucial step for businesses looking to streamline operations and improve their bottom line. It requires a joint effort between the customer and the service provider, similar to the intricacies of a tango dance. In this podcast, we will explore key factors for a successful…
21 Jul 2023 3 min

Unlocking Business Scalability: The Power of Cloud-based ERP Systems

In today’s business world, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to be able to access their information from anywhere and at any time. This is where cloud based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems come into play. With the help of cloud technology, ERP systems can now be hosted on…
5 Jul 2023 3 min