4Sight Holdings Podcast

4Sight Holdings Podcast

Welcome to the 4Sight Holdings Podcast Channel, where we delve into the dynamic intersection of technology and business. Our channel is divided into our distinct clusters, each offering unique perspectives on today's ever-evolving landscape. Listen in and gain a 360-degree perspective on operational, informational, and business technologies.
South Africa
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4Sight Business Environment Cluster

Tune into the 4Sight Business Environment channel to gain a 360-degree perspective on 4IR technology coupled with our Enterprise 5.0 framework and services for your end-to-end digital journey. Whether you’re an industry professional, an entrepreneur, or simply curious about the forces shaping our world, our podcasts provide the clarity and…
17 Apr 18 episodes English Technology · Business

4Sight Informational Technologies Cluster

The IT cluster enables digital transformation of ERP, human resources management, payroll, CRM, accounting with business process management, data visualisation, reporting and dashboards and secure, cost effective cloud solutions on demand.
12 Mar 16 episodes English Technology · Business

4Sight Operational Technologies Cluster

Welcome to the 4Sight OT Podcast Channel 4Sight’s Operational Technologies (OT) Cluster provides key 4IR technologies and services needed to help industrial customers with their full end-to-end digital transformation journey, while following a cost effective and low risk self-funding methodology. Podcasts powered by letsrecast.ai
26 Nov 2023 7 episodes English Technology · Business