Listen: Turning a Simple Voucher into a Lifeline for South Africa

When Mr D and Pick n Pay came together to introduce a novel grocery delivery service, I never imagined that a simple R500 voucher could turn into a heartwarming story of generosity and support for South Africa.

This is my story about how a small gesture grew into something much more profound, all thanks to a partnership between Mr D and Pick n Pay and the incredible work of my friend, Samantha Perry.

It all began when I received a R500 voucher to "test" the newly launched grocery delivery service. While most people might have seen this as a chance to try out a convenient service, I felt that there was a greater purpose waiting to be uncovered. I wanted this opportunity to be more than just a test; I wanted it to be a lifeline for someone who was tirelessly helping South African families survive through tough times.

That someone was my dear friend, Samantha Perry.

Samantha had been on a mission to support struggling families since 2020, and her dedication had not wavered over the last three years. Every month, she puts out a call for vouchers to assist those in need, and I knew that she was the perfect candidate to make the most of this opportunity.

So, I decided to reach out to Mr D and Pick n Pay with an audacious proposal. What if I could gift this R500 voucher to Samantha, and in return, she could share her experience with the service? What if this gesture could not only aid her in her mission but also inspire others to lend a helping hand? To my surprise and delight, they agreed without hesitation.

But the story doesn't end there. Mr D and Pick n Pay were so moved by Samantha's work and the potential impact of this act of kindness that they decided to take it one step further. They offered an additional R5,000 to be presented to Samantha during a podcast interview where she could share her remarkable journey and the significant role the R500 voucher had played in supporting her mission.
7 Nov 2023 English South Africa Personal Journals · Daily News

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