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Interview with HIGGO and Daniel Baron on their collaboration

Chatting to HIGGO and getting to know him from his 1st album that he released while in matric, to his latest collabs with Daniel Baron. Daniel also joins the conversation to shed more light around the new single "Mistakes". Follow and stream us www.919.co.za or listen 91.9 FM Follow HIGGO…
24 May 19 min

Interview with Kenton and Zeh from Caviar Musique on 91.9 FM

Introducing the dynamic musical entity, Caviar Musique – a duo that has become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Comprising of Kenton Lee, an award winning seasoned artist and guitarist, and the phenomenal vocalist, Zeh McGeba, this duo has carved a niche for themselves with their…
14 May 19 min

We chat "Firsts", with actress and podcaster Michelle Ayden

She is a South African actress, starred in several South African soapies, has been on stage, is a voice-over artist, and is now a podcaster. “Firsts” is a 6-part podcast series, where Michelle looks down the beaten track of life’s firsts and will premiere it’s 1 st episode on 1st…
11 May 30 min

Interview with social media singer, songwriter, and performance coach, Can Skylark

Can Skylark is an internationally acclaimed, SAMA-nominated performing studio artist. A seasoned singer-songwriter, mentor, and performance coach, Skylark has released three full albums with a fourth in the making and boasts five No. 1 hit singles from her albums; Pure; and; Overdrive. Her expertise in show directing is set to…
11 May 22 min

919 chats to SA House vocalist Terry-Leigh and Producer DJ Chase

Chris caught up with vocalist Terry-Leigh Oliphant on her journey as a house artist, and got a message from one of the industry kings, DJ Chase on his experience working together with her, and how he goes about, putting together a banger track. www.919.co.za Listen live on 91.9FM Feel good…
3 May 25 min

#ifeelfine with Leo Love - Poor Property Management

Every week we have our youth correspondent Leo Love in the studio to chat with us about effective growth and awareness. This week we chatted about poor property management, for all of us who are constantly finding new ways that trustees, renters, and neighbours in community living - can get…
26 Apr 22 min

#ifeelfine with Leo Love - Bookmarking Life Lessons

The Relationship Between Life Lessons And Success In Life: Acknowledge when you need to learn a life lesson. Be open to learning new things. Take action to learn the lesson. Apply what you have learned to your life. Be patient; some lessons take longer to learn than others. This week…
16 Apr 12 min

The Non-Binary Agenda with Charlie

In really simple terms, a non-binary person is someone who does not identify as exclusively a man or a woman. Someone who is non-binary might feel like a mix of genders, or like they have no gender at all. Personally, I identify outside of the gender binary entirely. I am…
16 Apr 24 min

Wealth in Health with Dr. Elenia Kolokotronis - Debunking Diets

Every month we have our in-house clinical nutritionist Dr. Elenia K, who speaks largely to the center of relevant health issues and conversations. This month we wanted to have a chat about all those dietary myths that ALL of us have tried, are trying, or are planning to try -…
10 Apr 22 min

#ifeelfine with Leo Love - Dealing with Body Image Anxiety

Our regular weekly feature focuses on empowering your mental status with youth contributor and podcaster Leo Love. We talk about facing your body image anxiety in the smallest steps, in order to live within your own space, place, and power. Follow her on TikTok, Instagram, and Iono.FM at Imagine with…
10 Apr 21 min

#IFeelFine with Leo Love - Accepting Yourself

Our show contributor Leo Love is in the studio to share in our conversation about how important (difficult) it is, to accept ALL parts of yourself. Follow her and her podcast series "Imagine With Leo" here https://iono.fm/p/3559 #podcast #selflove #selfacceptance #knowledge #information #life #interview
2 Apr 18 min

We play "Kiss Marry Kill" with Jamie-Lee Sexton to Celebrate her new Single

After a massively successful 2023 which was jam-packed with multiple award nominations and winnings, number-one hits, and sharing the stage with international heavyweights Swedish House Mafia & Kendrick Lamar at Hey Neighbour Music Festival, Jamie-Lee Sexton has now cemented herself as one of South Africa’s premier female pop artists.    She now…
2 Apr 13 min

Social Media Marketing Made Easy with Strategist Gaahele Mokgoro

We had Social Media Marketer Gaahele who struts with over 10 years of digital marketing experience, on the show to tell us more about how you can make your online presence more practical, simple to apply, and realistically understand more about the myths, and unpopular approaches, and strategies to your…
20 Mar 32 min
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